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Welcome to Vein Envy's Press Kit page, where you can find the latest updates and news about our top-rated vein clinic in Arizona. Led by our founder and vein specialist, Dr. Ryan Jones, Vein Envy is committed to providing safe, effective, and minimally invasive treatments for varicose and spider veins. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced medical professionals ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience for our patients. In this press kit, you will find information on our recent press coverage, including patient testimonials, awards, and industry recognition. We are excited to share our success with you and look forward to continuing to raise awareness about vein health and care.

Recent Press
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Recent Press


Insufficient sleep tied to increased risk of a condition that may lead to stroke

Dr. Collin Johnston, a vein doctor, urges the western medical model to prioritize disease prevention through well-balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and quality sleep hygiene in a recent Medical News Today article.

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Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension): Causes, Symptoms And Treatments. 

Dr. Johnston from Vein Envy has been featured in a Forbes Health article, discussing the causes, symptoms, and treatments of low blood pressure (hypotension). This in-depth piece highlights Dr. Johnston's expertise and provides valuable insights for individuals affected by this condition.

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Dealing with spider or varicose veins? See Vein Envy® on Sonoran Living

Vein Envy was recently featured in the press for our expert guidance and effective treatments to address the common issue of spider and varicose veins, providing patients with relief and improving their overall vein health.

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Sonoran Living

See Dr. Collin Johnston on ABC 15 Sonoran Living

Dr. Collin Johnston and the Vein Envy team were featured on ABC 15's Sonoran Living, showcasing their expertise and commitment to improving the vein health and well-being of thousands of patients.

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How to Lower Your Triglycerides

Dr. Collin Johnston, Vein Specialist at Vein Envy, was featured in Very Well Fit for his expertise on the impact of high triglyceride levels on arterial health.

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Board-certified surgeon discusses the symptoms of vein disease

Dr. Ryan Jones appears on AZ Family to educate patients on the top symptoms of vein disease.

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How to reduce leg pain and get rid of varicose veins

Over 30% - 60% of the adult population has some kind of vein issues. Dr. Ryan Jones appears on 12 News to discuss the latest treatment options for chronic venous insufficiency.

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Dr. Ryan Jones provides medical support in Honduras

The team's primary mission is to support all exercise personnel with point-of-injury immediate care before transfer to a main mobile forward surgical team.

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A man who likes a puzzle. Dr. Jones opens a new practice

In a medical career that has spanned well over a decade, Jones has done just that. Following his recent retirement from the Air Force, the returned missionary and West Valley father of five has started a practice—the Vein Envy—and found new ways to help his patients.

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U.S. Air Force Maj. Ryan Jones, 56th Medical Operations

U.S. Air Force Maj. Ryan Jones, 56th Medical Operations Squadron general surgeon, out of Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., performs a surgical procedure in the Dr. Salvador Paredes Hospital in Trujillo ( procedure photos)

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The best compression socks for men deserve a spot in your drawer

Even superficial veins outside your muscles benefit from added support, says Dr. Ryan Jones, a surgeon and U.S. Air Force veteran. “Circulation doesn’t care how in-shape you are.”

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Do Compression Socks Really Work? Here's What Experts Say...

Collin Johnston, DO, ABFM, a physician at Vein Envy, told Verywell that compression socks are meant to help get the blood flowing to the lower extremities—so, your legs and feet.

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Patient Testimonials


See what patients are saying about their treatment at Vein Envy

Do you suffer from the symptoms of vein disease? Find out how these patients solved CVI with venous treatments.

"Dr. Jones is great"

patient testimonial rating

Dr. Jones and his staff are great !  I had treatment on both legs and the staff was very professional. The  procedures on my legs turned out great!

cynthia patient testimonial

Cynthia R.

"I'm happy with my results"

patient testimonial rating

The staff and the doctor are very friendly and professional. I was happy with my results and will be going back as needed.

Julia patient testimonial

Julia P.

“I highly recommend him”

patient testimonial rating

I was very happy with the professional staff at the front office.  They answered my questions and were very welcoming. I am happy to be here.

Donna patient testimonial

Donna A.

"This is the place to be"

patient testimonial rating

Doctor and staff amazing! They are working thru 17 veins I needed done. This team makes you feel like family. This is the place to be.

Omar patient testimonial

Omar M.

"Group of friendly people"

patient testimonial rating

The experience of being treated at vein Envy is very professional very good group of people very friendly I would recommend this for anybody.

Janis patient testimonial

Janis K.

"This office is amazing"

patient testimonial rating

This office is amazing! Every person is very welcoming, pleasant,  professional and helpful. They made my experience one I’ll never forget!

Cassi patient testimonial

Cassi O.

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