January 24, 2022

See how Scott solved painful aching legs

Scott was diagnosed with varicose veins. He suffered from leg cramping. He now enjoys hiking pain free!

I am Scott, I grew up in a small town just outside of Portland Oregon, and I have been working with Vein Envy, now for about nine months as we’ve gone through thirteen separate procedures on my leg.

As a father of a five and ten year old, it’s definitely busy around our household with the variety of the sports and activities. It’s definitely an active lifestyle.

jumping on trampoline
Normal Activities May Cause Pain In Legs

A lot of times, when I’m doing those strenuous types of activities i could almost expect that I was going to have some leg cramps that coming night after those activities.

Well, I was first diagnosed with varicose veins back in 2012. After the procedures, I noticed that my symptoms often-times resolved almost immediately with very minimal discomfort or impact on my daily living.

It wasn’t until after I began treatment that I noticed how big of an effect the veins were having on me on a daily basis. Through those treatments I’m finding that I’m not experiencing any of the leg cramps or any of the restless leg symptoms that I'd experienced on those longer airplane rides or as I’m working a sitting at the desk during daily living.

I tend to research any time I’m getting referred to a doctor or specialty doctor there, so I got online in reviewed Vein Envy and found the Dr. Jones had an excellent reputation and chose to maintain a Vein Envy as my primary care for my varicose veins. Overall I’ve been extremely happy with the staff. I've been coming in here for over nine months and I almost know every single person on the staff by name. I’d definitely get greeted with a smile and enjoy coming in here and interacting with the organization.

And I’ve noticed now that i can go out and do up to a 20-mile hike hug Humphreys peak and with no real ill effects on the follow on day or that night other than just being sore from scaling the biggest mountain in Arizona.