January 24, 2022

See how Casey solved her tired legs with vein treatment

Casey felt the need to rest her legs at the end of the day. Now she is enjoying more confidence and energy.

My leg felt very heavy and uncomfortable, and by the end of the day after a long shift at work, it just was very uncomfortable, and I was just ready to get my legs up.

That's when I made an appointment and I came in and see Dr. Jones. He was like, "let’s get gonna look at them do an ultrasound and see what we can do to help you."

The staff was very calming, they helped me, they helped me not feel so nervous and then I had that procedure done, it was pretty fast and the procedure wasn’t a long procedure. The results are amazing. My leg looks normal. Before it was embarrassing, my veins stuck out so bad and now I have a normal leg.