April 20, 2023

Sclerotherapy Cost For Spider Veins On The Legs in Arizona

Wondering how much sclerotherapy for spider veins on your legs costs in Arizona? Get all the details here.

If you're in Arizona and interested in sclerotherapy treatments for spider veins on the legs, keep reading to learn what this popular treatment option will cost. We'll cover the average cost you can anticipate and additional factors that can impact your final bill.

What is the average cost of Sclerotherapy in Arizona?

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On average, the cost of Sclerotherapy in Arizona can range from $200 to $600 per treatment session.

As a general rule of thumb, costs will typically be lower with providers who have less training or experience. While it may seem tempting to opt for the least expensive option, it's important to take into consideration that the overall results may be compromised. 

What factors impact Sclerotherapy spider vein treatment cost?

A leg filled with severe spider veins

The cost of Sclerotherapy spider vein treatments varies based on several factors, such as:

  • Geographic location: Sclerotherapy cost varies on the region, state, or country where the treatment is being performed.
  • Type of sclerosing agent:  Cost can vary depending on which sclerosing agent is used.  one is used. 
  • Provider's experience level:  The provider's experience and skill level can affect the cost of sclerotherapy.
  • The severity of the spider veins:  More severe cases may require more sessions or larger quantities of a sclerosing agent, which can increase the cost.
  • The number of treatment sessions required:  Multiple treatments needed for desired results can impact the total cost.
  • Additional fees: Include compression stockings, pre-treatment consultations, or follow-up appointments.

It's always best to consult with your provider to determine the actual cost of treatment based on individual factors.

What is the number of treatments needed to treat spider veins on the legs?

The exact number of sessions needed will depend on the extent and location of the spider veins, the patient's overall health, the desired results, and their response to treatment.

In general, multiple sessions may achieve optimal results. Mild cases may require one single session to three sclerotherapy sessions, while more severe cases may require four or more sessions, spaced several weeks apart. 

Does insurance cover sclerotherapy to remove spider veins on legs?

A piece of paper with health insurance written on it

In many cases, sclerotherapy to remove spider veins on the legs is considered a cosmetic procedure and may not be covered by insurance. 

However, if the spider veins are causing symptoms such as pain, swelling, heavy legs, or discomfort, insurance coverage may cover the procedure as a medical necessity.  If it's determined that symptoms are related to a venous problem or vein disease, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy is an option to determine if advanced varicose veins are hidden beneath the skin. 

Are there alternatives to Sclerotherapy to treat spider veins on the legs?

Yes, there are several alternatives to sclerotherapy for treating spider veins on the legs. Some of these alternatives include:

Varithena or Foam Sclerotherapy

The process of closing veins with  Varithena or foam Sclerotherapy

Varithena is Utilizes a foam sclerosing agent to treat larger varicose veins or spider veins that are resistant to traditional sclerotherapy. 

Laser therapy

A doctor is performing radiofrequency ablation treatment on a patient's leg
  • Endovenous laser ablation (EVLT): Uses a laser to heat and seal the damaged veins, causing them to shrink and eventually disappear.
  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA): Similar to EVLT, Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) uses heat to seal the damaged vein and reroute blood flow to healthier veins. 

Which is better for treating spider veins: Sclerotherapy or Laser therapy?

A patient who is having laser treatment on her legs affected by spider veins

Both sclerotherapy and laser therapy are safe, effective treatments for spider veins, and the choice between the two depends on patients' specific needs and preferences and the recommendation of their healthcare provider.

Sclerotherapy is typically more effective for small, superficial spider veins on the skin's surface and is considered to be faster and less painful than laser therapy.  

Laser therapy, on the other hand, may be best for spider veins on the face, varicose veins, or if you are allergic to sclerosant agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sclerotherapy permanent for spider vein treatment?

In some cases, spider veins may reappear after Sclerotherapy treatment, particularly if the underlying cause of the spider veins is not addressed. 

Factors such as genetics, age, hormonal changes, and lifestyle factors like prolonged standing or sitting may contribute to the development of spider veins, and addressing these factors may help prevent the recurrence of spider veins after Sclerotherapy. 

Also, treatment does not necessarily prevent the development of new spider veins in the future. 

How long does it take for spider veins to disappear after Sclerotherapy treatment?

It may take several weeks or months for spider veins to disappear completely. The amount of time it takes for spider veins to disappear can vary depending on several factors, including the severity of the spider veins, the location of the treated veins, and the individual's response to the treatment.

Most patients may see an improvement in the appearance of spider veins within a few days or weeks after Sclerotherapy treatment. However, it may take several weeks or even months for the treated veins to fully disappear.

What are the side effects of Sclerotherapy?

Like any medical procedure, sclerotherapy can have potential side effects. Some common side effects of sclerotherapy include:

  • Bruising
  • Discomfort or pain
  • Redness and itching at the injection site
  • Swelling
  • Skin discoloration
  • Allergic reactions
  • Blood clots

It's important to note that most of these side effects are mild and temporary. Patients who experience severe or persistent side effects should contact their doctor immediately to avoid any complications.

How to keep the leg veins healthy after Sclerotherapy treatment?

A leg wearing compression stockings

To keep blood vessels and the treated vein healthy, as well as prevent the development of new spider veins or damaged veins, here are some helpful tips: 

  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Wear compression stockings
  • Avoid prolonged periods of sitting or standing
  • Elevate your legs
  • Avoid tight clothing

What is the cheapest way to get rid of spider veins?

While cost is a consideration, it is important to prioritize the effectiveness and safety of the treatment when choosing a spider vein treatment option. 

There are some over-the-counter creams and ointments that claim to reduce the appearance of spider veins, but there is little scientific evidence to support their effectiveness.

Additionally, there are some lifestyle changes you can make to reduce the risk of developing spider veins and potentially prevent the need for treatment. 

Can varicose veins be treated with Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment and may treat smaller varicose veins. However, for large veins or more severe varicose veins, other treatments such as endovenous laser treatment or radiofrequency ablation may be needed.


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