December 7, 2021

Microphlebectomy Treatments

Large varicose veins can be unsightly and embarrassing, and they can be painful.

Large varicose veins can be unsightly and embarrassing, and they can be painful. Varicose veins are visible under the skin and usually in the legs. These veins have become enlarged and twisted over time. Often, they have little or no symptoms, but you may experience pain, a heavy or full feeling in the area.

Complications of varicose veins may include superficial thrombophlebitis or bleeding. There is no specific cause of varicose veins, but risk factors include leg trauma, family history, obesity, and not enough exercise. Diagnosis is done by examination and supported by imaging technology.

Treatment may involve lifestyle changes or medical procedures to improve appearance and pain symptoms. If you are asked to make lifestyle changes, you may be required to wear compression stockings, exercise, elevate your legs and lose weight.

Varicose treatment in Arizona uses sclerotherapy, laser surgery, vein stripping and a procedure called microphlebectomy. After these treatments, there is usually no reoccurrence of varicose veins in that area.

Varicose veins become common as you age, and women are affected almost twice as much as men. At some point in time, about 30% of people are concerned with varicose veins. Do you experience any of these symptoms?

•    Aching and heavy legs

•    Ankle swelling particularly in the evening

•    Brownish or yellowy ski near the affected veins

•    Cramp

•    Minor injury to the area where you bleed more than normal

•    Restless legs syndrome

•    Whitened or irregular scar-like patches at the ankles.

Poor circulation or severe varicosities can cause complications like:

•    Pain and tenderness

•    Inability to walk or stand for long hours

•    Dermatitis

•    Skin ulcers close to the ankle

•    Sarcoma or carcinoma in venous ulcers that have been in your legs for a long time

•    Superficial thrombophlebitis or blood clotting in affected veins

•    Necrosis in the fat of your ankles if you are overweight.

There is a treatment used by Dr. Ryan Jones in Arizona that can help remove these varicose veins. It is a procedure called microphlebectomy. Before you cringe at the word microphlebectomy let us tell you that it is done with incisions so small that they don’t require stitches to close them. After you undergo the procedure, a small piece of adhesive tape closes the incisions, and you are on your way.

Sounds okay? You can finally get rid of those unsightly varicose veins and start wearing leg-revealing clothes once more. At varicose vein treatment in Arizona, microphlebectomy is an office-based treatment. It takes about an hour of your time, no anesthesia is used, and there is minimal discomfort after the procedure. You can run back to work or play immediately after the treatment.

What is Microphlebectomy?

Sounds interesting, but what is microphlebectomy? Microphlebectomy or ambulatory microphlebectomy is a medical term for the removal of large or medium-sized varicose veins without using major surgical procedures. Such a treatment is reserved for veins that are too large for sclerotherapy or injections.

The surgeon removes the vein through an incision that is less than ¼ inches in length. This incision is large enough to remove the vein, and the result leaves your legs cosmetically appealing.

Dr. Ryan Jones of Arizona or one of his associates will carefully remove the vein from your leg which eliminates the often-painful, but unsightly varicosity. You might think that by removing a large vein, there will be adverse effects on the circulation in your leg. Not at all. The blood that was carried by that vein is rerouted to another vein deeper in your leg. Circulation continues as always but much better and with more efficiency. What’s the change? That unattractive bulging and colorful vein in your leg is gone.

Microphlebectomy is done in-office where it is performed safely and with a minimum of discomfort. Of course, there might be minimal pain associated with this procedure, but the deep pain you were suffering from the varicose vein is immediately gone. As the bulges and colors disappear, the cosmetic results bring on a smoother, aesthetically appealing leg. Within a short time, any minor bruising fades, and you have a beautiful leg. Another plus? The fatigue associated with this sizeable unsightly vein is gone.

Microphlebectomy varicose vein treatment takes less than one hour from start to finish. There is no pre-operative lab work or lengthy appointments. You will undergo a thorough physical examination, and medical history will be taken. Dr. Ryan Jones of Arizona will also use an ultrasound examination to make sure that the veins deeper in your legs are functioning well and that these deep veins are not the cause of your varicose veins.

Medical imaging technology also gives the doctor a picture of the blood flow and valve functions in the veins in your leg. Imaging allows the doctor to determine which veins need to be removed, their exact location and their size.

Microphlebectomy Procedure

You will undergo the microphlebectomy procedure in a sterile environment to avoid infection. Standard operating room rules are used to ensure that infections are a rare complication of microphlebectomy.

Dr. Ryan Jones of Arizona will use a local anesthetic to numb your leg. This anesthetic creates a relatively pain-free experience for you and keeps the procedure safe and straightforward. You can compare the local anesthetic to the Novocain that is used in your dentist’s office (but the procedure itself is much less invasive.)

The surgeon carefully removes the vein from your leg through the small incisions. You may experience minimal bruising, or some black and blue marks may develop, but these marks will disappear in a very short time. Improvement to the appearance of your legs can be almost immediate.

Do note that after the procedure your leg may be wrapped in a supportive ace bandage for up to 48 hours. This ace bandage will ensure the best possible cosmetic results. Some patients feel more comfortable wearing a stocking or continuing with the ace bandage for several more days to stay relaxed and confident.

After the procedure, there are few restrictions. You don’t need to stay off your feet for days, and you can take up active walking immediately. Most patients are so pleased with the results; they wished they had undergone this procedure sooner. All patients who have experienced microphlebectomy treatments are excited they don’t have to live with ugly varicose veins anymore.

As a summary, microphlebectomy removes large veins through small incisions. The procedure eliminates pain and cosmetically improves the appearance of your legs. Veins are permanently removed and cannot recur. Other smaller veins may appear in the same location, but they can be removed with sclerotherapy or injections.

Microphlebectomy is an elective non-emergency treatment, and you do want to be sure that it is risk-free as possible. Choosing varicose vein removal in Arizona is a step in the right direction. Dr. Ryan Jones of Arizona is confident and skilled and performs microphlebectomies regularly. He understands the vascular anatomy and physiology of the vessels in the leg.

Microphlebectomy is an effective and very safe treatment for medium to large varicose veins. It is safely performed in an outpatient office setting using local anesthesia. The rapid results of microphlebectomy are exciting, and there is minimal pain, scaring, and discomfort after the procedure.

Are you experiencing varicose veins and all the related symptoms? Don’t let leg issues stand in the way of you enjoying life. Call a varicose vein treatment center in Arizona for the best remedies for your unsightly varicose leg veins.


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